Gel Nail System

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  • BioBuilder Gel

    BioBuilder Gel

    This structuring gel is easy to apply. Its consistency is ideal to make nail extensions using sculptural nail forms. It can also be used over tips and natural nails. It has the same adherance and consistency as the Mia Secret gels collection. Before its application, the nail must be prepared with Nail Prep, Xtrabond and a gel base such as Luxury or any other UV/LED gel base. You can choose from clear, perfect pink, frosted pink, cover nude, and white.


  • Luxury Base & Top Gel

    Luxury Base & Top Gel

    Luxury Base and Top Gel is a perfect to use as a base coat and to seal natural and acrlyic nails. iot works excellent wit Gelux soak off gel polish (Remove sticky Residues with Gel Cleanser after curing the application as topcoat)


  • Gel Nail Treatment (Keratin Base & Top Gel)

    Gel Nail Treatment (Keratin Base & Top Gel)

    This base and top gel for nails contains Keratin which restores, protects, and promotes strength and growth out of your nails. Enriched with keratin, a protein that restores, protects and promotes strength of damaged nails. It can be used by itself for natural and healthy-looking nails, as a base or top for your favorite gelux. To remove it,  gently soak in acetone or artificial nail system remover, do not file off.


  • Polymia Builder Gel (All Colors)

    Polymia Builder Gel (All Colors)

    Polymia is an odorless nail enhancement product that can be applied over natural nails or can be used to sculpt nails with tips or nail forms. It is stronger than acrylic yet light as gel. Prepare the nail following the same prep proceedure for any artificial system. Apply the product on the nail with a spatula until you reach the desired shape and thickness. Manipulate product with a brush dipped in Gel Cleanser. Cure under the lamp. File with a Forte Zebra 150/150 or white 100/100. Apply the topcoat of your choice. Clean with Gel Cleanser.


  • Formagel


    FORMAGEL is a builder gel that has excellent adhesion and ultra-shine finish. Ideal to sculpt structures and encapsulate artifical nails. Its consistency makes it great to use in decorations.


  • Gel Cleanser (multiple sizes)

    Gel Cleanser (multiple sizes)

    Gel Cleanser is used to remove residues of sticky layer from gel and acrylic systems.


  • Dipping Gel

    Dipping Gel

    Dipping Gel is an easy and quick alternative to elaborate acrylic nails. Once the nail has been properly prepared, apply a Dipping Gel coat. Dip the nail into the acrylic powder of your choice, cure for 30 seconds and repeat this procedure twice. Find the surface of the nail with a soft file and apply the topcoat of your choice.


  • Gel Nail Treatment (With Vitamin E & Calcium)

    Gel Nail Treatment (With Vitamin E & Calcium)

    These base and top gel nail treatments contain Vitamin E and Calcium, which promote healthy nails. Vitamin E nourishes, moisturizes, and rejuvenates the nail. Calcium strengthens your nails and prevents them from easily breaking. Our Gel Nail treatments come in three different natural and delicate colors for an elegant and chic look.


  • Clear Base Gel (With Calcium)

    Clear Base Gel (With Calcium)

    Clear Base Gel contains calcium which provides nail protection and reinforcement.


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