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  • UV Finish Gel

    UV Finish Gel

    UV FINISH GEL is a clear thin viscosity gel with an ultra-shine finish that has no sticky residues after UV or LED lamp cures. It is used for any artificial enhancement: gels, acrylics or wraps. Artificial nail use only.


  • Gel Nail Treatment (Keratin Base & Top Gel)

    Gel Nail Treatment (Keratin Base & Top Gel)

    This base and top gel for nails contains Keratin which restores, protects, and promotes strength and growth out of your nails. Enriched with keratin, a protein that restores, protects and promotes strength of damaged nails. It can be used by itself for natural and healthy-looking nails, as a base or top for your favorite gelux. To remove it,  gently soak in acetone or artificial nail system remover, do not file off.


  • STRONGJET NAIL GLUE (Brush-On 8g and 1/2 oz.)

    STRONGJET NAIL GLUE (Brush-On 8g and 1/2 oz.)

    Fast-drying and long-lasting glue; more moisture resistant than any other adhesive.


  • PURE Acetone

    PURE Acetone

    Acetone from Mia Secret.


  • Double Bond Base Coat

    Double Bond Base Coat

    LONG LASTING DOUBLE BOND BASE COAT is brand-new in the market. It is a hybrid formula with extra bonding properties  on both sides, providing  adhesion between the nail and the nail polish as a double tape function. This base coat doesn't need a UV/LED lamp to dry. Its long lasting performance can last up to 12 to 15 days. For regular nail polishes only.


  • Cuticle Remover

    Cuticle Remover

    Cuticle Remover removes cuticles safely and softens the edge. It is excellent for both manicures and pedicures.


  • Scented Cuticle Oil

    Scented Cuticle Oil

    Cuticle Oil is specially formulated to protect cuticles from breaking and peeling which is caused by dryness. It moisturizes and conditions cuticles with natural essential oils.




    Fast-drying and long-lasting glue; more moisture resistant than any other adhesive. These items are 4.5 g each. They come in single containers and jars with 60-72 pieces.


  • Ultra Gloss Top Coat

    Ultra Gloss Top Coat

    ULTRA GLOSS is a non-yellowing and long-lasting topcoat with an ultra-gloss finish that dries fast. Two coats reccomended.


  • Matte Top Coat

    Matte Top Coat

    Matte Top Coat instantly turns a glossy regular nail polish or gel into a matte finish. Use it with any regular nail polish, French Manicure.


  • Airbrush Top Coat

    Airbrush Top Coat

    This long lasting top coat has excellent shine and prevents color staining from nail polishes, perfect to be used over natural and acrylic nails. Non-yellowing formula and resistant to chipping and peeling. NO UV or LED lamp needed.


  • Rubber Top Gel

    Rubber Top Gel

    Rubber Topcoat Gel has been specially formulated to provide a long-lasting shine. Its thicker formula is ideal to use when doing a Russian Manicure; just ensure to use one coat of Luxury on your natural nail before applying. It can also be used on top of acrylic or gel systems. Needs to be cured under a UV or LED lamp and it does not leave sticky residues.


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