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  • Blooming Gel

    Blooming Gel

    Blooming Gel is a clear gel that can be applied over any color. It spreads out the designs made with gelux. After the nail is ready with either Acrylic or Gelux , apply a thin layer of Blooming Gel. Do not cure, create your favorite design with the Gelux of your choice. Cure for 30 seconds and seal with Luxury. Remove sticky residue with Gel Cleanser. Blooming Gel is perfect to effortlessly create nail designs such as marble, reptile, watercolor, floral prints and more!


  • Crystal Gel

    Crystal Gel

    Crystal Gel is a professional grade gel polish infused with tiny crystals. Its unique formulation provides superior staying power, brilliant shine and extended color vibrancy. Enjoy a luxurious manicure with extra sparkle and shine that lasts up to two weeks.


  • Tint Nail Polish

    Tint Nail Polish

    Tint Nail Polish is recommended to be applied over clear tips, to create a mosaic effect; you can make color combinations.


  • Spider Gel

    Spider Gel

    Mia Secret Spdier Gel is perfect for nail art. Just by pulling the product after being applied to the nail, you can easily create straight lines, web and wire effects, or any delicate nail art you desire. Your imagination is the limit ! This is a soak off gel product, and it needs to be cured in an LED or UV lamp.


  • Nail Pigment Colors

    Nail Pigment Colors

    The Nail Pigment Colors are made from high-quality pigment, providing you with a long-lasting, beautiful manicure. Our selection of hues ranges from vibrant to subtle, and applies smoothly on your nails for easy application. Create a variety of nail looks with our vast selection of colors. Neon colors - Neon Yellow , Neon Green, Neon Blue , Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Purple Mix 1 - Walnut, Mocha, Royal Azure, White, Black, Red Mix 2- Bonny Peach , Duon, Sunflower, Ruby Red, Forest, Merlot  


  • Metallic Flakes CH-76

    Metallic Flakes CH-76

    This nail decoration consists of metallic flakes that will add a unique and vibrant look to your manicure. With a sparkly and eye-catching style, Metallic Flakes will take your nails to the next level.


  • Matte Gel

    Matte Gel

    Matte Gel is a topcoat that instantly turns a glossy gel polish into a matte finish. It can be applied over acrylic systems or Gelux. If applied over Gelux, you must remove the sticky layer with Gel Cleanser. Apply Matte Gel, cure under the lamp and remove the sticky layer again.


  • Foil Wrap

    Foil Wrap

    Foil wrap removal. Contains 50 pc.


  • Foil Transfer Air Dry Base Coat

    Foil Transfer Air Dry Base Coat

    This air-dry base coat has been specially formulated to transfer nail art designs from foil directly on natural or artificial nails. It is easy to apply due to its strong adhesion properties. It does not need to be cured under a LED/UV lamp. After application, place your choice of foil and ensure to press firmly onto the base coat. Seal with your favorite top gel and cure.


  • Foil Paper

    Foil Paper

    Foil paper for nail decorations.


  • Foil Gel

    Foil Gel

    Foil Gel has been formulated for decorations using foil paper. It has a very good adhesion on natural nails, acrylic and gel systems; it is ideal to create any types of lines and drawings. Its great texture leaves a very sticky layer, allowing the foil paper to adhere properly. Once design has been made with the foil gel, cure under UV or LED lamp before adhering the foil paper.


  • CH-75


    Metallic flakes are perfect for giving nails a glittery look. The flashy nail decoration for your next job.


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