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  • Advanced EMA Liquid Monomer

    Advanced EMA Liquid Monomer

    Advanced blended EMA (Ethyl Methacrylate) makes it safe for cosmetic use. Liquid monomer by Mia Secret provides excellent flexibility, which makes it easy to sculpt beautiful acrylic nails, and Its advanced non-yellowing formula prevents discoloration. MADE IN THE UNITED STATES Liquid Monomer is developed and produced in the United States of America. Prepared under the strictest quality control, with ingredients and formulas friendly to the environment. WE LOVE FEEDBACK In Mia Secret, our top priority is our customers. Please leave us your feedback, and let us know how to improve your experience.


  • Coffee Scented Liquid Monomer

    Coffee Scented Liquid Monomer

    Mia Secret Coffee Scented Liquid monomer provides a perky, fresh morning scent to manicure session to really liven up the atmosphere, all while keeping the air free of the typical nail monomer scent. It can be used in the same way as normal Mia secret monomer and retains all the benefits and strengths while giving a different, fresh experience.  Liquid Monomer is an advanced blended EMA monomer, developed and produced in the United States. It is the perfect choice for students, beginners, and experienced nail technicians. Its formula provides outstanding flexibility, adhesion, and absorption when combined with MIA SECRET ACRYLIC POWDERS, and its non-yellowing formula prevents discoloration. This monomer performs properly even under low temperatures, making it reliable all year long while its low essence makes it suitable for indoor use.


  • Monomer Drops

    Monomer Drops

    Available in Cherry or Peach.


  • UV.LED Liquid Monomer

    UV.LED Liquid Monomer

    FUSION UV.LED MONOMER is an option for people who want to avoid the traditional monomer smell. Excellent for places with low ventilation. This monomer needs to be cured under a LED or UV lamp.   Sealed with LEAK-PROOF PHENOLIC CAPS  These modern leak-proof caps eliminate the need of the classic paper/plastic seals that can detach from the bottle neck due to the monomer chemical composition. Phenolic Caps made of industrial-grade highly rigid plastic, molds itself around the sealing areas as the cap is screwed on, virtually eliminating leakage, evaporation, contamination, and forming an exceptionally tight seal. The conical shape of these caps provides an excellent seal across the top of the container and seals across the inside diameter.


  • Odorless Monomer

    Odorless Monomer

    ODORLESS MONOMER is an option for people who want to avoid the traditional monomer smell. Excellent for places with low ventilation.  2 oz. Bottle


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