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  • Nail Tip Cutter

    Nail Tip Cutter

    Stainless Steel Implements from Mia Secret


  • Electric Callus Remover

    Electric Callus Remover

      This unique electric callus remover boasts 360 degree rotation and adjustable speeds, eliminating calluses within seconds of use. Its quick action and rotation enable a more effective and efficient callus removal, making it the perfect product for at-home pedicures. Adjustable speed up to 600 rpm. Replacement sand paper 60 pcs.


  • Dappen Dish

    Dappen Dish

    The Dappen Dish is the ideal tool for working with Acrylic nails. Its crystal clear construction ensures precise measurements of liquid monomer, enabling a professional finish for perfect nail beds every time. You can trust this dish to provide consistent and long lasting results.


  • CN-770 Cuticle Nipper

    CN-770 Cuticle Nipper

    Nail Clipper implement from Mia Secret. The stainless steel construction means this tool built to last and is easy to clean!


  • Cuticle Scissors

    Cuticle Scissors

    Stainless Steel implements from Mia Secret.


  • Pro-Speed Drills

    Pro-Speed Drills

    >Rechargeable >Speed up to 30,000 rpm >100v-240v 50-60hz >Forward & Reverse Operation >Waist Bag for easy carrying


  • Professional Nail Dust Collector

    Professional Nail Dust Collector

    Professional Nail Dust Collector for Desk, Silver. Aluminum Body Dust Collector For Acrylic Nails - Powerful Vacuum for Nails with 50 Dust Filters Included - Essential Nail Tech Nail tools.   High Suction Power 48W Easy to use, simple to clean Non-messy filtration system Up to 99% dust and bacteria collection No backflow phenomenon Light weight aluminum body Efficiente and ergonomic design 50 Filters included


  • Nail Forms

    Nail Forms

    Nail forms are used as a guide to help you form the ideal nail shape of your choosing. Compatible with all false nail systems from Mia Secret.


  • Nail Duster Brush

    Nail Duster Brush

    The Nail Duster Brush is perfect for cleaning dust, dirt, and debris from nails. The brush gently removes particles with its fine-toothed bristles, leaving your nails looking clean and fresh.


  • Cuticle Nippers

    Cuticle Nippers

    Cuticle Nippers made of stainless steel, from Mia Secret.


  • 2 In 1 Pushers

    2 In 1 Pushers

    Stainless steel pusher implements from Mia secret, available in different styles.


  • 2 In 1 Dotting & Needle

    2 In 1 Dotting & Needle

    Stainless Steel implements from Mia Secret.


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